Jody, has been a conscious Channel, since 1984, when a life transforming telepathic connection was activated with a Divine Universal and loving Source of Intelligence which was named Capt.E.Silver.  From that momentous occasion transmissions of healing energies and deeply profound insights and wisdom have been communicated to both Jody and her twin sister Joni lovingly supporting and guiding them as well as others.

...There will come a time when images have all gone by, and you will see you know not what you are.  It is to this unsealed and open mind that truth returns, unhindered and unbound.  Where concepts of the Self have been laid by is truth revealed exactly as it is... A Course in Miracles

These illuminating experiences continue to deepen the sacred union and relationships with Creator Source and the Spirit realms, educating and revealing more than ever the true reality that we are not separate just because we are in physical form, nor must we deny our divine creation right which affords us to be open and receptive being in communion, receiving abundant healing, blessings and guidance extended within from the inner "I" am presence, invisible to the body's eye, through the consciousness state of our Spirit to which we are all ONE.

Through continued Channeling these teachings transform, heal and illuminate their lives and as a result over the years numerous others have been on the receiving end of uplifting healing energies, messages of support and wisdom which is shared.

In these channeling Sessions or in this fifth step of the developmental program, you partake of your true reality in expression of who you really are, a Spirit Being.  You experience interacting with the invisible energies as you engage and communicate within to your Divine Creative Intelligences, Spirit guides, Master teachers, Angels and Loved ones in Spirit, for deeper insights as you receive their loving energies and messages that bring healing and comfort.

1. Channeling: A method of loving divine telepathic communication and transmission experiencing Universal and Spiritual Intelligences of Light. By our invitation and acceptance we receive heightened awareness and deep feelings of well being as knowledge, guidance and healing energy is shared. Channeling supports the consciousness of Divine Intelligences of Light to share in  awakening inspirational thoughts and messages regarding our soul's path, concerning earthly lifestyle demands, cosmic universal consciousness, and multitude of other energetic aspects communicated from other conscious inter dimensional realms of our Creation Source, Divine Intelligences of Light, Angels and Messengers etc.

2. Channelor: One who is able to allow the TRUE divine consciousness of love in sacred alignment with our Creation Source field of LIGHT to flow in unity with and through Divine Guidance for the Creative Intelligence to transmit positive inspirational energies, thoughts and messages regarding healing, insights,and lifestyle demands communicated and transmitted energetically from other divine realms beyond physicality.

3. Channeling is also a successful and effective healing method in which to obtain clarity, direction experiencing love consciousness, for personal growth, healing and soul evolution. It brings dynamic awareness of our multidimensional self, as you begin to work in more personal and communal ways with other energetic realms of Light, your Master Teachers, Spirit/Healing Guides, Angels, other Divine Intelligences, Galactic and Light Beings, Devas, Fairies, Nature Spirits, Ascended Masters. Contact can also be made with your loved ones and others who have crossed over to the Spirit realms throughout the ages. An insightful opportunity for you to experience your true divine potential.

4. The benefits of channeling offers you a clearer vision of your purpose and opens up deeper levels of trust in you, so you can work telepathically with the Spiritual and universal state of divine consciousness, as you inwardly awaken to who we are and what this earth is for. Channeling releases fear of the unknown and creates new ways and tools to function as a Spirit Being in this projection of an illusionary world of time, space and matter. You can successfully address healing and forgiveness to  release attachments of the physical nature, the fear based earthly mind, in order to govern yourself more honestly in the world but not of it, as you experience relationships, taking care of your needs, receive information to assist you in addressing how to be more balanced in the earthly areas of one's daily life, responsibilities and sustenance, relationships,finance, and business more importantly gifting you with creative insights supporting your fulfillment of your divine potential with the realms of light and spirit.

5. Channeling can also help you realize sacred ways to educate, view and speak about life, problem solve and create healing. Enormous spiritual and personal growth unfolds after contact with your Guides and loved ones. You are lifted up in an ever-expanding awakening of your divine creation right, and nonphysical realms of who you truly are, ONE in our interconnectedness with all of God/Goddess's creation and consciousness.

Channeling Sessions
may vary, as each person's need is unique and will choose what is of particular importance and content to approach Channeling the energies being called upon.  This will be identified as we are guided to begin the process.

As A Spiritual Intuitive Practitioner the methods of interaction during Channeling sessions are based purely on a focus that is Telepathic, Guided by Creation Source, spiritually Intuitive and deeply Energetic and healing in nature.

Fee $150.00 per hour and half session.

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