Reiki is a Japanese term which means Universal Life Force Energy. It is a Spiritual energetic tool used to resource healing energies that are alive and ONE with SOURCE and all creation.

"People need to climb the mountain not simply because it is there but because the soulful divinity needs to be mated with the Spirit…Tenlin Gratso (14th century Dali Lama of Tibet)

Reiki is a form of energetic and  hands on healing, which at the deepest spiritual levels energetically benefits our Spiritual, Intuitive, Mental, Emotional and Physical well being.

Reiki is the Universal life force energy divinely transmitted when done in person or from a distance.  As the recipient of the healing, you experience Reiki energy as it moves through you to address where there is an imbalance, and heals the cellular, molecular, subatomic and atomic levels of your mental, emotional, and physical  body.

Reiki energy flows to where it is needed most and is empowered by your choosing to heal.

Reiki is an expression of vibrational energetic healing that addresses our egoic false minded material nature, and our electromagnetic field. True healing is not physical in nature, it is our divine consciousness and Creation Source in activity, the sacred energies of love and light healing the projection of illness in physical forms in our earthly experience. It is a LOVING, SPIRITUAL ENERGY, A DIVINE INTELLIGENCE AND PRESENCE WITHIN US available for our very own healing empowerment, abundantly accessible within us directly from Source.

We who choose to acknowledge and claim it, share it through our willingness to be conduits, vessels, for healing and well being of ourselves and others. No one can heal you, for it is endowed within each of us to do so in alignment with our divine nature. There are no religions or doctrines that guide Reiki. It is unconditional love and light an extension of our sacred and true nature that of the Creation Source.

Reiki activates the healing center within, it attunes you to your Divine Source, to your Higher Consciousness and opens you up to partake of the magnificence and beautiful uplifting realm of Spirit, be it your Spirit Guides, Master teachers, Angels and Loved ones that have crossed over to Spirit.  Enjoying this experience in this metaphysical way energy is transmitted and received, can better support you being open and aware that you are able to act as a conduit facilitating healing vibrations in yourself and sharing it with others whom you are in contact with in your everyday life. Often during Reiki  session a transformative shift occurs allowing you to experience greater healing and benefit as you trust in receiving this sacred energy field to aid and support your well being.

Some Benefits of Reiki as a Spiritual healing tool:

Intuitive: Bring awareness of who you truly are, a Spiritual Being therefore you are able to function beyond the attachments, and limiting beliefs of your earthly bodily form and five sensory thought system/mind. Awakens expression of your multi censory faculties and soul potential.

Mental: Heal negative self-destructive egoic, false, fear based thought patterns of the self.

Emotional: Releases negative feelings, depression, anxiety, fear, unconscious patterns.

Physical: Heal manifested illness and pain in the body, blocked energy of all kinds.

Reiki enriches your capacity to connect to your Divine Source, to love yourself and others. Stress reduction, meditation, being tranquil, regeneration of energy. Reiki works well with all healing modalities, works on cause rather than the effect of disease. Creates inner harmony and awareness. Miracle energy in action. Promotes the awakening of who we are loving, gentle, Spiritual, power filled Beings of light.

A Reiki Healing Session: is aprox an hour and half and can take up to two hours.  Jody lovingly acts a conduit for facilitating these healing energies and also uses aromatherapy and crystals to energize and activate healing at it's most influential best according to your needs.  Times can be adjusted to support the clients condition and budgetary needs as this may vary according to each person's unique situation.

*As a Spiritual Intuitive Energy Healing Reiki Practitioner the methods of interaction during your session are based purely on a focus that is Spiritual, Intuitive and deeply Energetic in Nature, using additional enhancing modalities and techniques to compliment and enrich your Reiki healing experience to be uplifting and enjoyable.

Reiki Sessions can be facilitated IN PERSON or for DISTANCE HEALING transmitted in a session over the Phone or Skype

Energy Healing / Reiki - One hour and half session $100.00


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