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Spiritual Intuitive Life Style Counselor/Coach, Ordained Minister, Intuitive Energy Healer/Reader/Teacher, Shamanic Practitioner, Reiki Master Instructor, Motivational Personal Growth/Wellness Counselor, Family Constellator, Crystal Sound light Meditation Energy Healer.

Lecturer/ Speaker in field of Spirituality, Mysticism, Self-empowerment, Healing and Wellness.
Jody Rowe Staley is an Ordained Minister, Divine Triune Ministries an interfaith Ministry was founded along with her husband Bill Staley in 1988, representing Spiritual services in unique and meaningful ways.  She was the Co-Founder of The Holistic Healing and Education Center in Miami Florida and is now in private practice with her own company SILVEREIGN Workshops & Consultations. Jody also served her community of Miami Dade for six years on the executive Board of the Women's Chamber of Commerce of Miami Dade County and is a past President of the Chamber.

Born in Jamaica, one of a pair of identical twins, her wisdom and knowledge as a Mystic has been cultivated from an early age using her intuitive and clairvoyant skills. Since then she has pursued a lifetime of dedicated study, personal growth, self healing and development on her Spiritual Path, fulfilling her soul purpose of serving our God/dess Source.   She has studied extensively in Mysticism, and Metaphysics, Energetic Healing Modalities and Shamanism, partaking of specific curriculum, attending self study programs, numerous seminars, workshops spanning many years and most fortunate to be mentored in deep and profound tutelage by esteemed healers/teachers in the field. Jody has pursued a humble path of learning and continues to seek passionately the sacred wisdom of Divine Inner Guidance along her journey of healing and awakening.

Jody is a pioneer in creating and building a healing practice utilizing our Spiritual Intuitive nature and tools for the purpose of creating greater awareness and use of Life Skills for those who find themselves going through personal transition, healing and needing to resource ones inherent potentiality.  She is an advocate for creating different avenues through Spiritual growth, in the field of Intuitive, Spirit/Mental/Emotional/Physical Human Development, Wellness/Health care, Business, Sports and other arenas.  She offers programs designed to meet people’s specific needs, which support their participation in a Holistic program of Wellness functioning within a Spiritual Intuitive model.

As a Public Speaker Jody has lectured in various Groups, Spiritual Organizations, Centers and Churches: SOUL Church, Trinity Cathedral, and Episcopalian out reach Bi-monthly Aids Ministry among others.  In the arena of Medicine and Hospitals, her work has taken her to Sylvester Cancer Center where she conducted a monthly program on Spirituality and healing, Columbia Deering, Columbia Cedars Medical Center, North Shore Hospital and Medical Center, Broward General Medical Center, The Holistic Nurses association, The Jamaica Nurses Association, University of the West Indies Hospital school of Nursing student program, the Heart Association, and The Student National Medical Association of the University of Miami School of Medicine; Holistic Conferences in Florida & New York. Business’ The Commission on the Status of Women, Women’s Inc., The Women’s Alliance, The United States Tennis Association Coaches Conference, Miami Dade and Broward Chambers of Commerce, Radio & TV, WPLL Planet Radio, WMXJ-Majic Radio, WFTL Radio, WFOR TV, and WLRN TV. Interviewed on Jamaica Radio by Michael Anthony Cuffe and on Jamaican TV by Ian Boyne Religious Hard talk.

As a Spiritual Intuitive Counselor/Coach Jody uses various healing tools and modalities taken from a reservoir of acquired skills and experience gained over thirty years.  Providing clients the support and awareness of how they can re-discover and function dynamically on their Spirit path, thereby identifying, creating and living their life’s true purpose in practical functional ways and means.. She successfully coaches and instructs clients how to work with their Inner Guidance/Creative Intelligence or Source nature, experiencing empowerment within themselves as they recognize and work with specific thought systems to better address the false self, heal personal destructive energy patterns, set strategies which work to benefit and impact self-development and life skills. Advancing not only them self but the society and Communities in which they live.
People of all walks of life and ages make up an international clientele, as Jody does counseling by phone, online, using the internet to various parts of the U.S., Canada, Caribbean, Europe, Australia, and Asia, as well loving to work and make her fair share of contributing to the shift in consciousness and healing in her birth island of Jamaica in the Communities there.

Jody's focus and commitment to her Spiritual Intuitive Practice serving many clients in her community of Miami Dade County opened a door into the Business arena in a most unorthodox manner, as a result she was able to make her contribution to her Florida Community serving on the Executive Board of Directors for six years and as President for a year and a half of the Women's Chamber of Commerce of Miami Dade County. This experience was deeply impactful as it demonstrated the ability to integrate a conscious Spiritual Intuitive model and approach to leadership in the business environment, influencing a shift from the old paradigm to a more inspirational, meaningful, cooperative style of doing business in conscious, caring, respectful and trusting ways. Successfully developing projects contributing to the welfare of the community in ways that focused on giving back and building bridges to the disenfranchised while increasing business for oneself, Corporate and with others.

Education is also an important function; Jody facilitates workshops and retreats on different subjects, through her company Silvereign Workshops. Her Major focus is in supporting those she is blessed to serve in recognizing their Source/Inner Teacher/Guidance from within and how best to allow this consciousness to direct their lives in positive ways, while influencing others through the inner connection of their greater self awareness.  She is much respected for the quality of her work, her trust in the Spirit realm, her talent and intuitive ways she is able to retrieve and communicate sacred wisdom.   It is said she has charismatic humbling presence and transformative ways energy flows through her as a conduit, touching people's hearts, inspiring and empowering them to live their best self.   She is well respected as an Intuitive Spiritual Counselor and Clairvoyant of profound accuracy and much integrity.

In the field of Sports and Athletics, growing up with two world class athletes in her family, brother Kim Rowe University of Michigan 400 meters indoor track world record holder, inducted into the Hall of Fame University of Michigan, Big Ten Champion, Munich Olympian and twin sister Joni VanRyck de Groot one of Jamaica and the Caribbean’s number one Women’s Tennis players, and the first to be ranked on the Women’s Tennis Association world computer and Jamaican Women's tennis player with the most recorded wins.
Jody was co-founder of Majick Sports Team with her brother, sister, as well her brother in law, a project using a Holistic model for Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical coaching and Development for Professional Women Tennis players.

Married to her beloved soul mate and companion William Staley for twenty-nine  adventuresome and spirit filled years they both enjoy creating and being in a sacred contract to fulfill their healing and personal spirit path of loving and serving our Creator Source. On certain designated occasions they teach together, facilitating and empowering others to awaken to their Inner guidance to heal and live, enriching and enlightened lives.

As the new earth awakening of consciousness comes into expression, and different systems begin to take shape Jody is embarking on making her contribution to participate in creating specific projects applying Spiritual Intuitive life skills for transformational healing, working with People in the field of Wellness, Business, Sport and Education to create more loving, peace filled Environments and sustainable Communities inwardly and externally.

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