Directory of Services

With over thirty years of experience Jody has earned the respect of many who have worked with her, as a loving human being on her path of Spiritual awakening, healing and personal growth, willing and committed to share what she herself is learning.

Her talents and abilities are the results of on going studies and practice as a student of life, remembering a true way of being, offering a refreshing, spontaneous, energetic healing experience in her sessions.

  • Spiritual Intuitive Reading|Counseling
  • Spiritual Intuitive Lifestyle Wellness Coaching|Counseling
  • Spiritual Reading|Consultation for Spouses, Partners, New Borns, Children, Teenagers, Business partners,Employees 
  • Five Step Developmental Program
  • Past|Present Life Regression
  • Crystal Sound Water harmonic Chakra Energy Clearing and Balancing
  • Spiritual Intuitive Energy Healing & Reiki
  • Feng Shui: Specializing in Energy Clearing; Blessing;Activation of: Homes|Offices/ Hotels| Building Locations| Properties
  • Family Constellation in Private | Group
  • Private Instruction Sacred Tarot
  • Spiritual Intuitive Energy Healing Reiki Training|Certification
  • Sacred Ceremonies | Marriage/Civil Union | Ceremonies
  • Spiritual Intuitive Energy Healing|Shamanic|Reiki Group
  • Meditation Private / Group
  • Course in Miracles Meditation Group
  • Spiritual Intuitive Channeling |Spirit Messages Group
  • Shamanic Sacred Ceremonial Services, Sweat-Lodges
  • Women’s Spirituality Programs & Groups
  • Women's sacred Healing Circle Workshop & Book Club Series
  • Intuitive Tools to empower and live a deeply meaningful life
  • Spiritual Tools Life Skills & Emotional Intelligence Programs
  • Pilgrimages
  • Sacred Labyrinth Walks|Workshops
  • Workshops | Retreats | Lectures |Customized Events | Programs | Personal & Business | Corporate

Of herself Jody can do nothing, however with conscious alignment of the Interior Creator Source|Spirit Mind, all aspects within us of the most high is attainable.  Her intuitive, grounded, centered, focus, along with her melodic voice soothing to the ear, are assets which bring ease and grace to support creating a sacred healing space with the knowing field, empowering her clients in intimacy and trust. Together making room for the embrace of the ONENESS of sacred Presence and healing to be experienced as you participate in your awakening to inner Guidance and inner teaching from Spirit consciousness within.

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