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In these modern times the Marriage Ceremony and Civil Union represents spiritually conscious and deeply significant expressions of two unique individuals joining as a couple celebrating the beginning of a new life as husband and wife and Spiritual Partners. As an ordained minister I have had the honor to facilitate couples in designing and creating what is undoubtedly one of the most important, joy filled, eventful ceremonies of this our life.


Marriage is the joining of two people — the union of two hearts. It lives on the love you give each other and never grows old, but thrives on the joy of each new day.....may you always be able to talk things over, to confide, to laugh with each other and enjoy life together, to share moments of quiet peace.... Jill Ryynanen

Couples are seeking different ways to freely create a more intimate personalized ceremony filled with spiritual meaning, joyful uplifting expressions, music, poetry and words of wisdom involving the participation of their loved ones coming together to support this eventful occasion. A sacred event that meets their very specific ideas and vision of how they choose to look at life and share in the expression of it.

This empowers their own brand of Spiritual awareness and supports even more consciously, the expression of a self defining moment in their lives to be treasured. Growing up as members in families or among others where there is diverse cultural paths, religious faiths and disciplines some complex, others not at all, is certainly now a part of the influence and fabric of how we create these sacred marriage ceremonies and civil unions to be inclusive of all.

Couples planning a wedding are concerned about the content of their sacred ceremonies, choosing to celebrate the reverence of our Divine Source in Spiritually focused ways in their lives and their relationship with a more vibrantly alive and inspirational approach. Creating the ritual of a Marriage Ceremony to be deeply heartfelt, nourishing to the spirit and representing the uniqueness of the love experience as a couple, formalizing their sacred contract before our Creator, to each other, family and close friends.

As you plan your Wedding Ceremony or Civil Union embarking on your new life, this ritual represents a Spiritual guide to live and love by. It is a celebration for getting in touch with your Divine Source, your innermost being and the reality of what love and life is truly all about in your commitment to your chosen partner. An event you invite others to partake of, in support and celebration adding to your enrichment of love and joyfulness on this most sacred and illuminating day in your life.


If you would like the experience of an uplifting and deeply spiritual Wedding ceremony or Civil Union with a difference Rev. Jody Rowe Staley is honored and privileged to be your Officiant.

A free consultation with the happy couple is the first step towards creating your ceremony. Fees are contingent upon your budget, location, depth and length of your ceremony.

Contact Jody to discuss your Nuptials: 305-757-8994



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