For 1 and a 1/2 Half Hour Session per Person

This Past / Present Life Regression Program is conducted in two parts. The first part requires an Intake, self inventory, and the second part is a process involving Hypnosis incorporating other deeply experiential components as you are being guided by your Spirit Mind to experience the healing presence within.

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  • Part 1 - Autobiography your story

  • Part 2 - Hypnosis

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This Past / Present Life Regression Program is conducted in two parts. The first part requires an Intake, self inventory, and the second part is a process involving Hypnosis incorporating other deeply experiential components as you are being guided by your Spirit Mind to experience the healing presence within.These sessions help you to awaken from what appears to be a comatosed state in our dual and polarized mindset, with the help of journeying back to references of either past or present life or both, depending on where you most need to heal, you are able to retrieve, release and resolve through forgiveness, the conflicting influences of suppressed data, blockages and limitations to empower living more fully expressing your highest potential in the NOW of PRESENT LIFE conditions & circumstances.

….The gap is your connection to the field of pure potentiality. It is that state of pure awareness, that silent space between thoughts, that inner stillness that connects you to true power. And when you squeeze the gap, you squeeze your connection to the field of pure potentiality and infinite creativity...Deepak Chopra

PART ONE - YOUR AUTOBIOGRAPHY - Working with your SPIRIT MIND, your INNER GUIDE/TEACHER you become the Observer, the Witness, as you participate in doing  your Intake with your conscious mind for self inventory and autobiography (your story).

PART TWO - HYPNOSIS - A method used to experience the silent space within of awakened consciousness, beyond the earthly analytical mind, in communion to our life Source. Working with your Spirit Mind, Inner Guide/Teacher you experience your true indwelling ability to heal in love with forgiveness.  Applying your inherent skills and powers of Intuition to observe and access through inner guidance your unconscious, subconscious thought process which warehouses fear, false beliefs, old outdated patterns and limitations, attachments that block energy in yourself, your relationships and your worldly affairs.

It is a process that opens you up to a part of your mind that we refer to as the AKASHIC records, your "book of lives" or otherwise known as your FILES, some of these records represent your fear based projections of your conflicted mind as it portrays what is a belief of many, one's soul's evolvement throughout its many lives. By accessing these records you can have intimate knowledge of what you have been holding on to in your mind, the guilt, blame & shame which you project you have done to yourself, or has been done to you or you have done to others. Through your surrender to be guided by your Spirit Mind, your true divine nature, you are able to heal, release and shift your perspective to function in the loving energy of being.

Be clear that Past/Present life regression addresses the part of our egoic false thought process that are our FEARS,  False Evidence Appearing Real, projections of our unfinished dramas and old wounds of the past and present life conditions.  When engaging and implementing our Spirit Minded function this process then releases blocked energy, self imposed entrapment and inner conflict . Through forgiveness, it brings us to healing our illusion of separation, thinking we are not ONE with Source, denial of love and the absence of truth, which cause life threatening illness', disruptive patterns of fear, pain, anxiety, anger, low self esteem/confidence, fear of failure, of success, emotional insecurities and imbalance in self and with others in dysfunctional relationships etc. More importantly this experience can successfully support our healing and awakening to live the creation of who we truly are, sacred beings. So as to cease repeating patterns that are fear based and of falsehood. We function more readily with our Spirit Mind experiencing the freedom to love, to create a state of inner peace and a more enriching life, dream new dreams, to envision communion with knowledge of our ONENESS till we are functioning in our fully awakened state having recognized that we no longer need to dream with our earthly mind.

Part one and two of this Regression Program, is a most dynamic self healing process one can choose to experience, those who intimately go through this method of healing find themselves in a state of remembrance and connection, returning to that Still peace filled place within us which is Source.  In this true essence of Being, you successfully shift your perceptions to create becoming more mentally and emotionally aware, allowing greater self expression to take physical action.

This type of  positive empowerment successfully transforms a person for life.

It is the person doing for themselves what no one can do on their behalf. Partake of heightened collaboration with your Inner Source, the unseen parts of one's divine Spirit nature surrendering the false self and beliefs experiencing greater intimacy and actualizing who we really are.

Past/Present Regression Sessions may vary, as each person's unique need to address the energy to be healed concerning their situation, the events that are of particular importance and content will dictate the necessary time and amount of Sessions for Part One & Two.  This will be identified and become more clear during the process and then agreed upon by you and myself.

As a Spiritual Intuitive Practitioner the methods of interaction during your Regression sessions are based purely on a focus that is Spiritual, Intuitive and deeply Energetic in Nature, and does not involve going into lengthy psychological aspects or therapy.

First session is a minimum two hours in length. $150.00 per session.  There after to support and suit the Clients ability and need to work through the healing process over a longer or shorter duration, the appropriate time and fees will be determined.

Fee $150.00 per hour and half session.


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