You too can learn the art of Channeling and use it to your benefit and that of others in this Instructional.

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Jody, has been a conscious Channel from a very young age. In 1984, a life transforming shift in perspective and consciousness created yet another encounter and connection activated through a Spiritual  communication with a loving Source of Light and Intelligence which was named Capt.E.Silver.

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Silvereign Educational Program.

...There will come a time when images have all gone by, and you will see you know not what you are.  It is to this unsealed and open mind that truth returns, unhindered and unbound.  Where concepts of the Self have been laid by is truth revealed exactly as it is... A Course in Miracles

You too can learn the art of Channeling and use it to your benefit and that of others in this Instructional.

Jody, has been a conscious Channel from a very young age. In 1984, a life transforming shift in perspective and consciousness created yet another encounter and connection activated through a Spiritual  communication with a loving Source of Light and Intelligence which was named Capt.E.Silver.  From that momentous occasion transmissions of healing energies and deeply profound insights have been communicated to both Jody and her twin sister Joni which have continued throughout the years to present time. This access and direct communication with the energies of the Spirit realms brings the opportunity to better educate and reveal more than ever the true reality, recognizing we are not separate just because we are in physical form, nor must we deny our divine right to invite, make contact and commune with the invisible state of our Spirit nature/being, embracing the Intelligences of sacred order, living in the Light and love of which we are all ONE.  What is also of significance is the joy of experiencing how comforting it is to be able to interact with loved ones who made their transitions as we make contact and visitation through the vehicle of channeling.
The teachings, deep insights and loving communion experienced in transmissions during channeling sessions have shaped and illuminated their lives and numerous others over the years as the uplifting healing energies, messages of support, comfort and wisdom bring awareness as well numerous blessings through this modality.


  • 1  In this workshop you will experience transformational methods and tools how to invoke and create a sacred space within and without to welcome communication and transmission, learn how through meditation and prayer you become receptive in communication to your heart/divine mind consciousness, to obtain clarity, direction in order to experience different levels of healing, personal growth and personal power.  You become deeply aware of your multidimensional self, as you begin to work in loving and communal ways with your Creator Light Source, Master Teachers, Spirit/Healing Guides, Angels, Galactic beings, Devas, Fairies, Nature Spirits, Ascended Masters etc. Universal Spiritual/Divine Intelligences and Messengers activating through and with the sacred Presence, Guidance and Direction of our Holy Spirit within.
  • 2  You will be taught specific Tools  to become a Channel, (conduit) as you allow the Spirit Mind/Divine Intelligence to intuitively flow through awakening within you to the all that is. Purposefully and with clear intention addressing your inner most needs important to you.
  • 3  Learn how through releasing the illusion of a limited world view of self and all else you are able to identify and empower the truth through Spirit perception, inner-sight and vision, discern false projections and wrong minded interpretations from the earthly/ego mind, as you experience, shifts in consciousness, healing, heightened intuitive perception, awareness and deep feelings of well being as love, light, knowledge, guidance, inspirational messages and healing trans-formative energies are shared by your inner Source guiding you.
  • 4. How to channel for others and how to receive channeling from others to you.

The Benefits learning to Channeling offers you:

Experiencing deeper Self realization of our most treasured, loving and sacred union with our Creator Source, our relationships with all creation of LIGHT and being at ONE.
A clearer vision and awakening to understand how to release falsehood and function expressing more fully in SPIRIT CONSCIOUSNESS who you were created to be as you receive interactive healing and Guidance.
Opens up deeper levels of love and trust within you
, so you can experience and work better with the Spiritual universal state of mindfulness going within to experience the stillness, as it supports assisting awakening within to the true knowledge and consciousness of who we are and what this earth is for. Restoration and release from all illusionary thought forms and false identity programing.
Heals and releases fear of the unknown and forgotten, superstition, old out dated beliefs around being a channel and creates new ways and tools to function as a Spirit Being resolving human experiences of reincarnating on Karmic wheel to address and release the attachments of a Physical nature, the false self and the world of Illusion; The universal laws of sacred alignment of our original blue print in conscious recall governing and empowering you to navigate more honestly in the realm of Spirit consciousness beyond form, beyond materiality of all kind and nature, space time continuum.
Channeling is known to improve your approach to practical day to day functioning of taking care of self and others as you invite communication and receive information to assist you in addressing how to heal, find peace, release false constraints of all kind, become more in harmony and balanced living in recognition of divine interaction concerning earthly areas of one's daily needs, responsibilities and sustenance, relationships, finance, and business more importantly gifting you with insights supporting your expression and fulfillment of your divine true potential and purpose to awaken fully to truth and the LIGHT of LOVE.
Through Channeling activate your relationship spiritually in telepathic and energetic ways . Because you are functioning beyond limitations of false programming you can also interact with loved ones who made their transitions into the realm of Spirit, making contact and visitation.Opening to share love, expressing ones feelings, healing, addressing unresolved emotions/pain, that was not able to be attended to while they were in the physical, forgiveness, correcting inadequacies and error by releasing guilt and attachments to the person or conditions that prevent living your best life. Most beneficial is the acknowledgement though they are not in the physical you are able to move forward as you adjust to continue engaging having a deeper on going healthy relationship in more unrestricted ways with them in Spirit.
You will learn  how to effectively communicate and recognize their communications with you, their visitations, messages and guidance to you in the physical world on this side of the veil.

An Evening and Two Day Workshop:

The allotted time line is contingent upon your energies and your progress during the teaching sessions. Please allow for changes or adjustments in curriculum as this is a spontaneous process and will be identified how best to suit your needs and development as you proceed. It is not an academic teaching therefore is subject to you experiencing being Spirit taught as you open up to the sacred divine energies of Holy Spirit your Inner Master Teacher and Spirit guides directing your awakening process to channel.

This curriculum is governed and taught through the awakening living Presence of the Holy Spirit/Divine Intelligence of Light within us all, through the blessings, teachings and inspiration we are opening to receive. It is for the purpose of HEALING as we share our love, our light in peaceful abundant joyfulness.


Silvereign Spiritual Intuitive Instructional Healing Coaching Educational Certification Program.

* How to be of sacred service as a Guardian Conduit of LIGHT facilitating truth revealing in communion with the Spirit Realms in the physical world as you work with others and become a Professional Practitioner and Spiritual Intuitive Channeler.

The modality of Channeling can be added to your healing Practice in a professional and integral way to better support how you help your clients experience and realize new ways to educate, view and speak about life, problem solve and create healing. Enormous spiritual and personal growth unfolds with your client after energetic contact with their Divine consciousness Creator Source field and their Guides.

* This is an optional program for those who choose to go through the advanced Silvereign Spiritual Intuitive Instructional Healing Coaching Certification Program designed for use of this tool and other modalities as a part of a Spiritual Intuitive Professional Healing Practice and Services.

*This Advanced Silvereign Professional Certification Program will be introduced at a future date


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