Feng Shui: Energy Clearing / Healing / Blessing /Activation Homes / Offices / Hotels / Building locations / Properties / Other environments contingent on 2000 square footage
Feng Shui is a Chinese term, which means “Wind and Water.” It is an ancient Shamanic practice used to intuit and observe the relationship between the seen and unseen forces of nature. This ancient healing art form has been practiced in China and all over our world for thousands of years.

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"Everything is alive with Chi (life force energy) and has consciousness. Everything is connected by Chi. The Chi' in everything is always evolving. Life force "the Light" can never be destroyed it is infinite and therefore always alive." 

When we experience consciousness of the unity in which we are embedded, the sacred whole that is in and around us, we exist in a state of grace……Charlene Spretnak

Energy Clearing / Healing / Blessing /Activation Homes / Offices / Hotels / Building locations / Properties / Other environments
Feng Shui is a Chinese term, which means "Wind and Water." It is an ancient Shamanic practice used to intuit and observe the relationship between the seen and unseen forces of nature. This ancient healing art form has been practiced in China and all over our world for thousands of years. Other cultures might not call it Feng Shui, but work with the universal alchemy in different ways according to their indigenous environments, spiritual, shamanic or religious, cultural practices. All for the good of creating the outcome of energetically living in harmony and balance.

As we caretake our selves, we also need to caretake the environments we occupy in similar fashion, clearing old or stagnant energies to further enhance the environments we occupy which is positive and beneficial to do. The physical realm of our environment, it's structure, furniture and artifacts contain numerous aspects of varying degrees of energies in constant movement. Whether solid or empty space it is filled with vibrational fields interacting with you, your relationships within them and all else which your surroundings are comprised of. We are all connected.  If your home or office feels like it needs a shift in energy or you might notice feeling more drained, finances being unusually depleted, even getting sick more often, kids catching more colds than normal, your relationships professional or personal becoming disagreeable which was not the case before. Going through divorce or bankruptcy. Moving into a new home or office building, trying to sell your home and not having success, your career seems to be at a standstill, clients, intimate love relationships aren't coming your way or they fizzle out quickly, might be ideal time to do a space clearing.

Benefits of Energy Clearing, Healing/Blessing/Activation to create a sacred space:

  1. The importance of clearing and blessing your home, office or property releases old, destructive or stagnant energies, vibrations and energetic traits of previous/present owners or occupants.
  2. Helps you become more conscious of the energy fields (alchemy) as you dwell there.
  3. Enhances and creates greater peace of mind, balance's and harmonizes health, enriches how we express ourselves, communicate and influence how others see and participate with us.
  4. Brings a more loving and cohesive energy to our relationship, with our Creator Source, Self, Partners, marital or professional,Children, family, staff, ancestors our heritage, pets, and the kingdoms of nature.
  5. Opens up creative energy fields, affording us a more harmonious enhancing environment to commune insight-fully with our Creator Source, Divine Intelligences, Spiritual Guides, Angels, Animal/Elemental kingdoms, generating greater interaction and support for furthering our well being in the home or office, manifesting greater success and prosperity in our Life purpose/Careers and assists in attracting helpful people, clients to a healthy vibrant environment.
  6. Influences our mental state of awareness and aids in how we go about carrying out our daily functions, especially in these times of intense shifting and changes around us.
  7. Helps in magnetizing greater resourcing of knowledge and self-cultivation.
  8. Increase fortunate blessings, abundance and wealth of spiritual and physical resources.  Activates a spirited energy field of healing and protection. Especially when there is a history of conflicting relationships, depletion of human and financial resources, bankruptcy, separation, divorce, intrusion and breakdown of all kinds.
  9. When some one has repeated or prolonged illness, died in a home/property or when there is the presence of Spirit or Entity attachments due to years and years of discord that has not been addressed, cleared and put to rest, lack of acknowledging the nature of traumatic and sometimes violent events which have taken place in the past to those dwelling as well as on the property. This painful energy can impact the custodians in whose ownership and care the property is now under especially occupants who live there or are participants, workers, employees. Clearing and blessing assists in releasing the negative energetic vibrations, brings healing and directs all that is in discord with those who are deceased or living to the peace of Divine Creator Source.  Releasing attachments which are old and tumultuous, allowing the welcoming of sacred order functioning more harmoniously with new energies of light and love.
  10. When selling your home or building, this clearing procedure creates the releasing of your energies and helps in attracting the new custodian and buyer to the property and to you. Our home and office or space is vibrantly alive, and completely interconnected with the rest of our lives, therefore subject to the very nature of energies as we are. This is particularly important as the invisible and visible realms play a major role in us being able to identify the true reality.


Jody's experience, her working knowledge of Spiritual energetic healing and empowerment, her intuitive ability to go between the worlds of matter and spirit, brings extensive insight to the process of a clearing, healing, blessing and activation of your home, office or property.  She respectfully combines the sacredness of prayer, recognizing that all this is possible by surrendering to our Creator Source, the greater power of guidance from within, being a conduit, applying the wisdom of Shamanism, Feng Shui, Sacred geometry and alchemy, working with the true presence of  Source, Spiritual Masters, Angels and Healing Spirit Guides, Nature Kingdoms of light, all combined activity and energies working together as ONE for the purpose of healing brings the outcome of well being.  Providing you with a greater perspective so that after the clearing, blessing and activation you become more consciously aware experiencing what has been done and what more you might need to do to enhance your property, to live in greater fulfillment, prosperity balance and harmony.

What you can anticipate when having an Energy clearing in your home, workspace, on your property or other places:

  • A.  In the first step, during discussion specific questions will be addressed, and pertinent details and information gathered either by telephone or by going on-sight. Allowing Jody to determine the nature of how to proceed.
  • B.  Instructions will be given to you the custodian of the property, whether or not others should be present/absent while the clearing is being done, if it is advisable that you participate in the clearing and blessing, you will be informed and have the choice to do so. For the most part this is indeed welcomed only in particular circumstances is this not recommended.
  • C. An in-depth consultation going through the Bagua or Wheel of life, regarding issues and most importantly setting new intentions for manifesting what your goals are.
  • D. A variety of tools will be used such as, a pendulum, sacred herbs, essential oils with specific properties, sea salt, incense, bells, water, crystals other special items unique to your property's dynamics, depending on the assessment of the energies. Your property, the entrance, all the rooms, corners, closets etc indoors will be cleared and blessed. For larger buildings, hotels and surrounding grounds the nature of the environment will determine the necessary procedures and ways this is to be applied.
  • D. The final step is a sacred energy of activation anchoring a vibrational electro magnetic field with specific alchemy to unify and support the illuminating energetic resonance, portals and pillars of light.  If design and function of building allows it will be necessary to access out doors, if not this activation will be done indoors.
  • ENERGY CLEARING / HEALING - The function of releasing old, unpleasant, destructive or stagnant energies, vibrations and traits within occupants and one's environment.  A way to create a Sacred space. Energy clearing very much has the effect likened to how we feel after taking a shower or bath.  Many often speak of experiencing a refreshing lightness of the energy field within them self and the surroundings after an energy clearing has taken place.  It brings an uplifting and more liberating sensation within the energetic presence of the room or location causing a positive effect to occur in the very nature and attitude of those who are occupying the space.
  • BLESSING -   A way of affirming and inviting the sacred Presence of our Interior Creative God/dess Source and nature within and among us.  We all have the power to BLESS imbued in us as our endowment and creation-right for use of such activity to be able to call forth our inner light when blessing a person, place or thing for the most noble purpose of acknowledging the sacred vibrations of Love and Light the only true power which brings forth the greater good and functioning of sacred order to serve as we heal and awaken to who we truly are in Oneness.
  • ACTIVATION -  Applying sacred geometry setting the visions and intentions of specific goals honoring and implementing the cosmic laws of transmission and receivership of sacred energetic fields of light vibrations by implementing specific alchemy. Anchoring a magnetic grid work choreographed for energizing the balancing and activation of the property encompassing all aspects of the life-force, Intelligences who dwell and have their function there for the greater good of all, respecting the true purpose of creating and calling forth a strategic flow of sacred healing energies within a unified field to support manifesting the potential of divine functioning order.


*Please note: Quotes/Fees for these procedures are given verbally accordingly or in a written cost estimate. Knowledge of known history, the experiences taking place to the occupants or employees and circumstances occurring on the property, determines the types of materials/items needed, the square footage and size of Home, Office, Building, or Property, as well as the length of time it will take to complete the process will be assessed, discussed and worked out accordingly.

*If needs be a preliminary on site tour will be recommended before quoting larger properties. Each quote will vary according to circumstance and conditions.


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