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The energy field is important to our Spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health, expanding of our consciousness to maintain greater balance and well being in communion with our Life giving Source is essential.

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Working with the Spiritual and scientific universal sacred wisdom principles found in the healing systems of the Mystic, Shamanic indigenous Elders, Eastern and Western cultures, we recognize the human energy field is composed of varying aspects whether they be energy grid, meridians, Acupuncture points, numerous energy points throughout the body. What is commonly referred to in this particular focus, is the seven energy Centers which govern the functioning of Human embodiment and are referred to as the subtle body or subtle energy fields commonly known as the Chakras.

Chakras are likened to or described as spiraling wheels of light and spectrums of color, vortexes of flowing electro-magnetic frequencies and vibrations which resonate and sustain us energetically, adding to and vitalizing our life force (chi).  They represent the "non-physical life force or Spirit nature, our divine conscious luminosity referenced as the Light Body and it’s essence of BEING, superimposed within our physical bodies.  It is said we experience this subtle energy through our consciousness or Spirit mind, creative divine intelligence, our true thoughts which influence our feelings heightening our state of extra sensory perception affording us the sacred experience of a transformational state of being expressing our true nature of creative life force beyond thought. These sacred energetics are important to our healing process of the illusionary false self and negative ego dysfunction of our earthly mindset of thought system and materiality of form, which we address surrendering to functioning in our true state of being, seeking this divine presence in our clearing and healing process.

Kirlian Photography has been able to capture the emanations of these subtle energy fields in humans, animals and plants, nature and the elements. The Aura, is the external manifestation of this subtle vibrational resonance and magnetic energy field, it can appear as an egg shaped, soft glow around the physical form of all life force. In basic terms this is our electromagnetic force field or Light frequency. It is our LIGHT BODY or Universal Life Force energy, our Divine Intelligence, our Spirit consciousness, as this very energy is the Creator Source, and exists in all creation of life.

Our physical body is the temporal vehicle of projected manifestation to experience this physical world. Our Spiritual, mental, emotional and physical components make up how we experience our  physical body of material content, conditions etc..

Benefits of experiencing an Energy Clearing:

A form of Spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, healing and energy  healing maintenance involves varying methods used in the process of energy clearing:

  • 1. As you experience your guidance of your Spirit Source within you it directs the energy clearing, to heal, freeing congestion, stale or stagnant energy at the mental emotional and physical level that might create a problem with denying our true expression, causing exhaustion, stress, poor circulation, under functioning or low energy output of a system or organ, bio chemically within the body affecting our thoughts and ability to tap our divine potential in the conditions in our lives.
  • 2. Will help release deeply intense emotional energy when one is void of Spiritual nurturance or neglect of Spirit, lethargy, feeling vulnerable and oversensitive, carrying fear, anger, guilt towards self and others.
  • 3. Releases mental energy where nervousness, attitude of depression, fear, insecurity, lack of insight into problems, self doubt, scattered, negative, and rigid manipulating, controlling, thoughts persists.
  • 4. Works to help identify, heal and release blocked energy that would negate, dis-empower and corrode how your spirit mind and consciousness needs to function through your subtle body, your thoughts, communications and actions, as it manifests in your physical body
  • 6. Addressing your energy centers by clearing your electro-magnetic fields.
  • Helps create a healthy intimate experience spiritually and physically with our Life Force and can assist in the prevention of illness before it manifests in the physical body.
  • 7. Clearing of your energy centers creates a greater level of vital more refined qualities of spiritual energy to be present and enhances your ability of self-healing if indeed illness is already present in the physical body.
  • 8. Clears and heals blocked energies associated with past life karmic patterns and relationship with self and others.
  • 9. Fears of psychically being harmed or attacked, or experiencing false projections appearing to be real of projected Discarnate Spirit attachments wrong doing which has been done to us and our beliefs of insecurities.

The healing art of energy clearing was taught to Jody as an instrument, to facilitate others, and is one of many tools she learnt regarding the up keep of one’s divine consciousness, our Spirit mind and nature as it interacts within the vehicle of the Human body. This ancient healing wisdom was passed down through the ages by the Ancestors, sacred Healers, the Indigenous peoples, our Shamanic Elders Medicine Women and Men who knew how to connect and work spiritually, moving between the realms of Spirit and Material form to engage and facilitate the auric field as it is fueled by our Life Force energy or divine Conscious intelligence. 

Today Energy Clearing techniques are applied in the Holistic Field in modalities such as Reiki, Healing Touch, Therapeutic Healing, Vortex Healing, Quantum Healing, Acupuncture, Yoga, Sound Healing, and so many many others.


The first step is a Consultation, after which you will lay on a massage table fully clothed. (there is no massage involved) A prayer and relaxation meditation is activated; soft-healing music accompanies environment. There are specific sacred herbs and aroma therapeutic oils used according to your condition, pendulum work, as well as crystals, harmonic vibrations from bells which enrich and increase the healing energies of the clearing method. This Energy Clearing can also be done at a distance over the Phone or Online.

The timeline for Sessions are an hour and a half  however this may vary as each person's need to address the energy they bring to be healed concerning their situation and the events of particular importance will dictate the necessary time for the Spiritual Intuitive Energy Clearing This will be identified and become more clear during the initial conversation to book your appointment and the intake at the beginning of your session.

As a Spiritual Intuitive Practitioner the methods of interaction during your Energy Clearing are based purely on a focus that is Spiritual, Guided by Inner Source, and is Intuitive and deeply energetically healing in Nature.


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