Spiritual Intuitive Energy Healing Reiki Training/Certification


This is an ideal program for those of you who would like to advance further on your Spiritual path, serve others by using this most healing and energizing modality.

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Silvereign Educational Program


This is an ideal program for those of you who would like to advance further on your Spiritual path, serve others by using this most healing and energizing modality.
Become aware of the Creative Universal Life Force energies within and experience how to tap into the God Source for healing.
Learn to better channel and use your intuition, for healing your self and others
Learn to improve your ability to address challenging conditions as they unfold in your life
Identify and begin to work with the Universal Life force energies towards more effective ways of manifesting your life’s work
Become certified as a Reiki Master Healing Practitioner to further develop, deepen and function more consciously in your connection to The Universal Life Force, with this knowledge you can bring greater support  and participate more effectively in the work you already do or add this modality to your healing Practice in service to others.
This exceptional workshop Intensive offers you an incredible transformational experience to move beyond the energy of the linear mind and five Sensory thought system.   Be guided by and become more intimate with your indwelling Spirit self, as you awaken how to best work with your Divine Source and the Universal Life Force Energies. This unique format is designed to teach you the use of specific techniques and simple tools to function effectively as a SPIRITUAL INTUITIVE ENERGY REIKI HEALER PRACTITIONER.

Reiki (pronounced RAY - KI)
is a Japanese term which means Universal Life Force Energy. It is a Spiritual tool/technique used to resource healing energies from our DIVINE CREATOR SOURCE vitally alive and ONE with all of creation.
Reiki is often expressed through hands on and distant healing; which at the deepest spiritual levels manifests energetically to benefit our Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical healing and well being.  However one does not have to use the function of your hands to do Reiki, we are all instruments, conduits for these energies to be channeled and transmitted through us in many ways.
Reiki is the universal life force energy which can be energetically transmitted through the Healing Practitioner to the recipient of the healing. You can experience the Reiki energy in subtle and sometimes not so subtle ways as it moves through you to address where there is an imbalance, healing to the level of acceptance in your mind as it relates to your spiritual, mental, emotional, physical bodies on the cellular, molecular, atomic, subatomic, nuclei, protonic medical/mental and numerous other levels.  Reiki energy flows to where it is needed most and is empowered by your choosing with your Spirit mind to be healed.
Reiki is an expression of vibrational energetic healing that addresses our egoic minded nature, the part of us that is in the perception of fear, denial, separation, lack and conflict, the sensory part of our projections in physical embodiment in the material realm.  True healing cannot take place by only addressing our mentality and physicality it must first and foremost include the sacred Spiritual energies of love and light.  It is a SPIRITUAL ENERGY, A PRESENCE WITHIN US for our very own healing empowerment SHARED with us from the SOURCE; This creative intelligence can be described as an energetic intangible vibrational light field, experienced within, governed by a unified force functioning beyond the earthly limitation of form, emanating  from Source for the purpose of correction of imbalances of all kind to which we are mis-creating and in conditional dysfunction through our negating and erroneous thought system of the five senses. We who choose to claim this healing energy, also share it through our willingness to be conduits, vessels for the healing and well being of ourselves and others. There are no religions or doctrines that guide Reiki. It is unconditional love and light an extension of our DIVINE INTELLIGENCE, our CREATION SOURCE emanating through our electromagnetic field.
During the workshop you will receive Attunements for Levels 1, 2, and Master Level Certification. During the three attunements you will receive the Electro Magnetic Symbols that are the keys to activating this sacred energy.  After this workshop experience you knowingly and effectively can call upon the Spiritual energetic forces within you for your use.
This information empowers you, as you learn about intuitive energy healing and how it can best serve you in your every day living.  A dynamic shift can be created once you have the experience of activating your energy centers through the simple powerful attunements that impact on deep levels your connection with Creator/ess Source, as you become open up to heal, live a better quality of life, relate more effectively with your TRUE SELF, loved ones, as well as other people and conditions. YOU WALK THIS WORLD AND SEE FROM A DIFFERENT MORE EMPOWERING PERSPECTIVE.
Reiki awakens you to your Spirit Mind and supports you governing your self with greater awareness in extreme circumstances of: trauma, conflict, anger, pain, emotional distress, illness and the releasing of it.  Resource within your spirit nature unprecedented levels of creativity, correct errors and shift your perspective towards releasing barriers around love, inner peace and accessing greater wisdom.
The knowledge in this workshop serves all people from varying back grounds, whether in business, academia, Sports, Music, Theatre, people, students of all ages, especially professions that involve medical / mental health / healthcare Traditional and Holistic as the principles that govern Reiki are the Universal Spiritual laws that awaken us to be knowledgeable as to how to be better served and guided by our Spirit mind.  This awareness can support you in useful ways to function more holistically within your life, successfully attain your goals, multiply your true assets and resources elevating the manner in which you conduct your daily life and earn your keep in a more meaningful way.
The dynamics for this workshop are created and taught in an authentic, emotive, ceremonial and intuitive manner. Working with the tools of  SPIRITUAL LAWS, ALCHEMY, SACRED ALTAR, AROMATHERAPEUTIC YOUNG LIVING ESSENTIAL OIL ESSENCES, HERBS, TIBETAN BELLS, DIVINATION, MEDITATION, CLEARING TECHNIQUES, VISUALIZATION,  DEEP LEVEL HYPNOSIS, DIALOGUE.  Providing a most experiential way to learn how to connect to our God Source, invite healing into our self, facilitate others to heal, as  you open to heightened awareness and function of Spirit mindedness.  The principles of these teachings go beyond the medical model of modern medicine and awakens to the power of Spirit as it relates to energetics, our humanity and the quantum Spirit transformative healing effect on the mental / emotional / physical body when you shift your perception to create a purposeful opportunity to become a channel or conduit to heal and live your life.

Tools and techniques for Self-healing, how to facilitate others in hands on healing, absentee healing (long distance healing), sending energy to facilitate healing to environments and peoples in need, during catastrophic events, healing animals, etc.  Come together with open hearts exploring and unveiling the Spiritual laws that govern our divine nature, going deeper inside our selves each day. Opening to loving and caring of self, each other sharing this sacred space.  Participate in creating a dynamic shift in yourself to function more harmoniously as the New earth energies bring changes and shifts in perception to a different paradigm unfolding within you, your family, impacting your community and the world.
Jody's approach to teaching REIKI is described by many who have attended as “unique, “irrefutable” and “life transforming experience”; “a truly meaningful approach to teach and initiate Reiki attunements” The methods Jody uses are Spirit guided, simple, open, natural, uninhibited and intricately designed for individuals to deeply interact with their Spirit awareness. The opportunity is presented for participants to shift into greater insight and intimacy with our God Source.  Many walk away from this teaching experience renewed and enriched as they successfully have the tools to help heal, re-invent themselves, their lives and additional confidence and self esteem to make things happen that before seemed unattainable.
This is a Spiritual Intuitive Activation which encompasses the awakening of the SPIRIT MIND is not an academic training or method.  The only requirement of this workshop is that you are open and willing to participate, be ATTUNED to receive and awaken the energy and work with ancient spiritual electro magnetic symbols and teachings used by many Masters  passed down through the ages.  Reiki is an energetic methodology that utilizes our INHERENT POTENTIAL of our true LOVING SPRIT nature.
The investment to become a CERTIFIED REIKI MASTER  attending the weekend workshop Retreat Intensive in Miami is:

Master Card / Visa / Paypal Accepted / Deposit required payment in full at registration
*Payment plans available/ Scholarships can also be organized depending on circumstances.
After registering you will be sent specific LOGISTIC INFORMATION for Workshop Intensive informing you how to best prepare yourself BEFORE attending workshop;  Your need to INTENTION very specific GOALS you would like to address and manifest in your life, instruction of what items you will need to bring for the SACRED ALTAR you will be working with as well as other pertinent information.


  • 5, 4, 3 days: WHEN DOING WEEK LONG RETREAT INTENSIVES ~ Prices vary depending on location rental, Overseas travel and all other expenses
  • 2 days and an evening: OUR MOST POPULAR WEEKEND INTENSIVE RETREAT ~ if in a different location prices will vary depending on location rental all other expenses.
  • 1 day: TEACHING ONE LEVEL AT A TIME ~ $240.00 per day


To Register Please check UPCOMING EVENTS for Workshop dates.


Silvereign Spiritual Intuitive Instructional Healing Coaching Educational Certification Program.

Become a Professional Silvereign Spiritual Intuitive Reiki Healing Practitioner.
The modality of Reiki can be added to your healing Practice in a professional and integral way to better support how you work with your self and  your clients to experience, view and create healing.
In this advanced training you will learn how to be more effective and confident in learning specific tools of how to set up and function in building a successful Reiki Healing practice.
How to govern within integrity of a high work ethic and create a high standard of your healing work attracting the right clients for you to work with.  Build a conscious business with the caring service you will offer with these advanced teachings and professional tools offered to you in this unique program and it’s approach.

* This is an optional program for those who choose to go through the advanced Silvereign Spiritual Intuitive Instructional Healing Coaching Educational Certification Program designed for use of this tool and other modalities as part of a Spiritual Intuitive Professional Healing Practice.

* This Advanced Silvereign Professional Certification Program will be introduced at a later date.

Payments by Check/Credit Card/Paypal accepted.


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