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The energy field is important to our Spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health, expanding of our consciousness to maintain greater balance and well being in communion with our Life giving Source is essential.

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THE SPIRITUAL INTUITIVE READING / CONSULTATION provides an awareness of your Soul’s codes, your Life purpose and the energy patterns that impact your self development. Resourcing Your Akashic Records (otherwise known as your Book of Lives, or your files), as they energetically contain every thought, word or action you have ever experienced, past, present, all of which influence the outcome of what you choose to create in your future.

By soul wisdom I mean the development of a capacity for self knowledge in conjunction with an objective sense of the inner qualities of the outer world.  The capacity for this conjunction leads to a new image of consciousness… Robert Sardello

This knowledge brings greater awareness of where you are, where you need to be and empowers you in identifying lessons that are opportunities for you to heal and liberate to create a more intimate relationship with your Creator Source and your Higher Mind your true Spirit Nature.

Working with the alignment of this powerful alliance during the Reading/Consultation, you become more conscious and open to receive the insight as your Inner Guide and Teacher energetically empowers you as you experience shifting your perception into a greater place of clarity. This healing experience supports you in taking further action with your personal imbalance providing the ability within you to change present life circumstances which are unsatisfactory, creating a better quality of life you deserve, attaining long sort after goals your Spirit’s true purpose to accomplish.

As Jody surrenders to the Oneness of our Spirit Mind, knowing she is but the instrument in service to our Holy Presence within, our Divine Intelligence which is Source, she works with you as you experience retrieving and resourcing data through your Inner Teacher, your Spirit Guidance.  She uses her clairvoyant skills and a variety of tools to access your Akashic Records, forecasting and setting up effective strategies with the use of:

•    The SACRED TAROT  is applied in healing and instructional ways, utilizing its sacred symbols with interpretations and translation through allegory with the energies being presenced through you.
•    ACROPHONOLOGY is a methodology used to access and understand how your soul’s true code resonates in your energetic field through your name’s vibration frequency and their influences in your life.  It is a sacred healing art and science formulated from the teachings of ancient Spiritual Mystics. It also reveals the true dynamic Spirit potential of your energetics you can tap into, activate and express through your conscious mind and perceptions of your innate identity, Spirit nature or character. These insights can help you in resolving and releasing past negative thought patterns and experiences (of the ego mind) imprinted in your mind’s projection of the false self. This tool reveals and supports your shift in awareness to activate more fully your true potential, talents and skills which are your real strengths available within you.
•    The SHAMANIC WHEEL OF LIFE is another divination tool and alchemical energy, Jody uses, passed on through Oral Traditions of the Indigenous Elders, Healers and Teachers of the Star Nations.  Not only is it trans-formative in it’s deeply Spirit minded transmissions, it energizes and brings greater awareness to the themes and influences in support of enhancing healing within, living in the moment and creating how to prepare oneself for better results during incoming cycles of the days, weeks and months ahead.
•    This HEALING EXPERIENCE and wisdom brought forth in the Spiritual Intuitive Reading Consultation, is a first step which formulates the ground work and strategies that will guide you to be better able to identify embracing your Inner Teacher/Guidance and manage your life more effectively. The benefits are numerous, supporting immense growth and healing as you continue to pursue further sessions along your Spiritual Path working more deeply within yourself should you choose to do so.

The timeline for Sessions may vary as each person’s need to address the energy to be healed concerning their situation and the events of particular importance will dictate the necessary time for the Spiritual Intuitive Reading Consultation. This will be identified and become more clear during the initial conversation when participating in your appointment.

As a Spiritual Intuitive Life Style Counselor/Coach Practitioner the methods of interaction during your Reading/Consultation are based purely on a focus that is Spiritual, Intuitive and deeply Energetic in Nature.

A functioning aspect of our true self utilizing one’s Spirit Minded nature, governed by our Divine Intelligence as we tap our Interior Creator Source of infinite proportion engaging our constructive mind and the creative constitution of our inherent potential existing beyond form, beyond thought, in the stillness, present within TRUE reality as a unified field of energy/consciousness which serves through the collective “Spirit” mind of humanity.
By using your Spiritual intuition you experience keeping your attention in the present moment spontaneously tapping into the origin of vast knowledge which brings greater awareness empowering you to identify specific data and instructions to co-create a more intimate relationship with your Interior Creator Source which is the oneness of our true being. Working with this powerful alliance during the Spiritual Intuitive Reading/Consultation or Counseling sessions, you become more energetically awakened as you work with the power of your interior Source receiving insights from the deeper part of your true self, recognized as your Inner Guide and Teacher affording you a shift in perception to experience greater clarity and understanding.  With this a new outlook arises, bringing resolution within your mind and consequently your life as your intuition directs you to harness and execute new resources, stepping away from a false level of comfort immobilized by fear and conformity.

The Intuitive part of our consciousness best serves us when we choose to surrender and unlearn false mental programing releasing limitations often represented in ways we have been taught to survive in this world, looking on things in a linear, materialistic, superficial manner with Easing God Out which attempts to undermine, restrict and invalidate our true innate potential and abilities as Spiritual Beings able to access and express our intuitive function which is the vehicle transporting us to the loving power center of our Interior Source expressed through our Spiritual consciousness. Time and time again the choice is made to exclusively use the five sensory approach to attempt healing and problem solving restricting our outlook on how we see and treat our selves and live our lives.  Consequently and unwisely limiting our awareness and choices to the conditioning of the sensate world of form, physical embodiment, the domain of matter, a temporal state and the projections of the so called egoic mind.

This healing Intuitive experience awakens, directs/instructs informs as you take further action into a state of co-creation addressing your own personal imbalance providing you with the ability to transform your present life circumstances, bringing improvement and solutions as it insight-fully reveals how to create a better quality of life, one you are more deserving of, working and healing in an inspiring way to attain long sort after goals that is your Spirit nature’s your high purpose to accomplish.  “Physician know thyself” “Physician Heal thyself”
As an Intuitive Counselor Jody surrenders to the Oneness of our Interior Creator Source knowing that she is but the instrument in service to our Holy Presence, our Divine infinite Intelligence.  This is the way she chooses to work with you as you retrieve and resource data that is revealed through your Intuition, your Inner Teacher, your Spirit Guidance, along with her clairvoyance, other metaphysical skills, as well as application of Spiritual/Mystical tools in her presentation of her body of work, Spiritual Intuitive Readings/Consultations, Healing, Energetic Clearing and Life Style Counseling/Coaching Sessions.
90 minutes in length is the customary timeline for a Spiritual Intuitive Reading/Consultation and the fee is $150.00
If a longer more in-depth Reading/Consultation is necessary, additional fees are added depending on the extended length of time requested by you the client.

Payments by Check/Credit Card/Paypal accepted.

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This awareness can certainly contribute to a deeper understanding for the person in their lives and in your relationship with them.


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