...An enlightening make Luminous”

In this physical world we as humans, as adults, temporal stewards of our children, the earth and her offspring the animals, trees, plants, living waters, leaves much to be desired when it comes to education throughout the ages our lives cultures and societies have manifested into modernity... Institutions, Academia appear to have an adverse agenda to the consciousness of our Spirit and what awakening to live our sacred potential in this world is really all about. My humble observation is that institutions focus on teaching how to make a living in a very specific system and structure of a matrix based on artificial restrictive means, instead of how to live truthful sacred lives, spirited in love, peace, honor, dignity, respect, true abundance and sustainability for the well being and success of all, in oneness aligned with our  Source. To create educational environments where we recognize our true purpose for why we are here on earth in the first place having a physical experience, and as a result how to bring sacred order and healing to our selves with each other tapping into our true potential in effective inspiring ways.

 Truth be known we ache for reality based education with true heart wisdom and depth of knowledge and empowerment of the spirit in human expressed and taught from sacred Source, our divine cosmic intelligence of universality with intuition which we are all well endowed and can tap into. Putting an end to denial, prejudice, worldly, monetary agendas of lack and entitlement, lets educate  to be awakened to who we really are, so we can become better than where we find ourselves to be. 

No more artificial intelligence. Instead The wisdom of the heart when we turn inward we will source the force and transform every aspect of our earthly existence  We are divine architects, co-creators with potential to express the magnificence of our genius in full on activity rising above in communion with all our relations.

Jody facilitates Educational Workshops and Retreats on a variety of subjects, through her company Silvereign Workshops. Her Major focus is in supporting those she is blessed to serve in recognizing their Source/Inner Teacher/Guidance from within and how best to allow this Consciousness and Intuition to direct their lives in positive ways, while influencing others through the inner connection of their greater Self awareness. 

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