demo5Our Events, Workshops and Retreat Programs are specifically designed to support and empower identifying and expressing our unique inner talents, experience purposeful action, encourage serving effectively as we deepen our commitment as vessels and conduits to our Creation Source, ourselves, each other, our families, our communities local, global and cosmic.

“...Intention is the power of the experience” Cynthia Gale

With the ongoing departure of the old world and paradigms, what better time than now to welcome the new earth Consciousness as it unfolds within and without. Our Retreats and Events are for coming together to inspire, heal and awaken within to vision and live our greater purpose, become more discerning of falsehoods and support is in finding the courage and strength to take action in helpful ways through inner guidance, deepening our participation through contemplation, meditation, exploring mystical sacred wisdom teachings and activate intuitive tools we now need in these fast paced transformative times in our lives.

Many experience the enjoyment of sharing, being with others who answer soul's calling to intuitively and energetically seek to participate in bringing out the best, feeling supported and enriched by the vibrations and ways of open heartedness and spirit filled interaction when we come together focusing on sacred ways, improving the qualities of our life, honoring our Spirit and this sacred journey being divinely guided.

Our gatherings take place in various locations both here in locally in Florida, other parts of our country and other international locations such as Jamaica. If you would like to host a Retreat or Workshop Event for your location and group please contact me.

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