Women’s Sacred Healing Circle Workshop Book Club Weekly Series & Retreat

Awakening our divine feminine energies in service participating in our Fall 2018 Women's Sacred Healing Circle Workshop Book Club Series | Retreat

A SOULFUL CALL to WOMEN inviting you to the Healing Circle of renewal in sacred union with our Spirit guided energies of love and light. 

Awakening our divine feminine energies in service through sacred Ceremony, Wisdom teachings and Pilgrimage 

There could not be a better time to assemble as women to participate in co-creating an on going sacred circle of compassionate and loving sisterhood deepening our commitment to Creation Source, ourselves, each other, our families, our communities local and global. A movement to raise our awareness, share valuable insights, experience purposeful action, encouragement, healing and empowerment.

Our gatherings will take place in various locations, as we answer our soul's calling to participate intuitively and energetically on this sacred journey being divinely guided by our Life Force energies.

With the departure of the old world, our coming together is for awakening from within to vision our greater purpose, become more discerning of the falsehoods and take action in helpful ways through guidance, deepening our participation through contemplation and meditation, exploring mystical sacred wisdom teachings and intuitive tools we will need at this time in our lives, to better support and empower expressing our unique inner talents, serving effectively as vessels and conduits with the revealing of the new earth Consciousness as it unfolds.

Is your Soul: Calling you to be more courageous and spontaneous, to let go of insecurities, expand your horizons, transcend the fear based limitations of conditioned earthly mindset and belief systems, to be in service, partake of universal wisdom teachings and intuitive tools, gather and share knowledge in mature, loving, forgiving and responsible ways with ourselves and others to better our lives and relationships, planet Earth and beyond? This is an invitation to participate in building a humble energetic Community of  Spiritually aligned women, ready and trusting to be guided by our Inner God/dess Source and the Spiritual Realms of Love and Light. Together let us activate a sacred circle of illumination interacting to live our higher purpose, respectfully moving beyond our differences, addressing our shadow side in honest exchange, leaving the old dramas and egos in the past where they belong, surrender to claim our greater nature of Self Mastery and Masterminding as conduits. It is a time for us as useful emissaries with loving hearts to contribute and support manifesting greater creativity. With the opening of the Light portals and fifth dimensional vibrations this is our opportunity to blaze new trails experiencing sustainable Spiritual well being.

 This Intuitive journey path is Spirit internally guided:
 We will be meeting in person, and also using technologies which allow us to meet long distance as a group from our homes as another format.  We will have evening presentations, retreats, healing journeys, pilgrimages and social activities as we commune with nature and sacred sites, locally and abroad meeting with other women of diverse cultures and spiritual disciplines for sharing visions, healing and taking action in loving service.

If you would like to participate please reserve your space for our upcoming EVENING WOMEN'S SACRED HEALING CIRCLE WORKSHOP AND BOOK CLUB SERIES FALL 2018

To reserve your space please contact Jody 305-772-8706


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