In 1988 Bill and I were given a gift by Merna and Chris the book, A Course in Miracles. With ironic twists and turns ebb and flow in our lives to this very day more now than it did back then, these sacred wisdom teachings continue to open our hearts, give rise to our Spirit consciousness and is transforming how we choose to see this world from a most different perspective and angle of vision, supporting heart centered changes in us and the ways we are living our lives and all our relationships.  Interacting with these enlightened wisdom teachings we are awakening how to step up and embrace our true nature to be unconditional, loving, forgiving, in the most healing of ways, evolving in us our sacred communion with our divine Creator Source, our energy field recognizing we truly are all ONE.

Again for our third anniversary in 1993 Bill gifted me my personal copy.  Back in the nineties every night Bill and I  would read from this book before going to sleep.  During that time even though we did not understand much of what we were reading, we consistently kept up this practice for a very long while as we both recognized  it brought us much peace and contemplative moments and yes many many queries about ourselves and this life here on this earth plain .

It is not a book you just simply read from cover to cover, and then put away, as it's energetic transmissions by the very nature of on going participation unlocks and reveals inner knowingness that affects one's conditioned finite mental state, learned customs and belief systems to bring about a major shift in perception, which as a result enriches and enhances our innate abilities to heal and with these telepathic intuitive energies in activation transcends beyond comprehension of our earthly limited concepts of who we are and what this world is for. This awakening consciousness  internally puts love and forgiveness above all else, as this is our true sacred spirit nature in the forefront beyond fear - based reasoning, rational or logic all the falsehood and illusions which have been used to appear real in the governances and made up material world of physicality.

This is not a religious theological oriented body of knowledge, as learning the origins and how it came to be is in itself  teachings for everyone, guiding our awakening how to truly live in the light of who we are, how to move through this earthly experience regardless of religion, creed, race, or separation of any and all kinds, certainly not to be confused with attachment to man's tendency of intellectual pursuit and dictates.

Over the years I came across and have benefitted from the healing work and message of books by Marianne Williamson and Eckhart Tolle also other authors who are also students of the Course at some time in their healing process, which again gave me insight to the ways I most needed to approach my healing and quest raising my vibrations to be able to love and forgive even more.  A Course in Miracles is not the only course and yes it offers us a completely different take on life as it is not of doctrine or dogma.

Later on in the later part of 2009 Bill and I found our selves at a cross roads seeking a deeper meaning and experience to enrich our healing path, and at that same period in our lives we were at odds with a very difficult situation which had been occurring within my family. I was also feeling a deep need that I had to do more with my life, further my growth and expand my knowledge.  I pondered doing a long term educational process however could not identify a program of study which my heart and soul could identify with.  Feeling a deep need for healing and seeking awareness of where we were at and needed to be for the highest outcome for ourselves, our family, all involved, Bill and I made a decision to explore our spiritual needs first and foremost as we both do when faced with challenges and changes and that is when we were intuitively guided to start attending a Course in Miracle Group, we attended two different groups and having the experiences and interactions of how they were conducted we were lead to a third group of souls which we identified with the most, as the group was keenly focused on a self study approach bringing much empowerment to those of us present as a circle of loving souls whose true need was to be there for each other and heal in harmony.

Our lives began opening up in astounding manner and many beneficial results were unfolding in our healing process, for over four years we attended twice a week, rarely missing an evening.  We emersed ourselves in the illuminating presence we felt guiding us and the experiences within ourselves and the loving supportive group of souls who like us were willing to commit to learning, acknowledge our ego state of mind,  listen to what the other had to share, dialogue from our inner perspectives without putting our judgement on the other and spontaneously awakening this incredible unfolding of inner wisdom guided by Spirit and divine intelligence of Christ consciousness for us to experience the miracle energies flowing in our lives bringing healing.

AWESOME…MIND ALTERING…BEYOND WORDS…My need for advanced wisdom studies truly came through this vehicle of the Course. Over time our family healed our difficult situation, we all grew closer in our spirit and relationships with each other which continues to inspire and evolve.  My life work and soul calling shifted significantly I developed a greater awareness of this Inner guidance which I learnt to call upon at all times not just some, which I recognized is supporting me to live my life in a sacred way and in my work, to be able to resource these wisdom teachings and offer my clients for their upliftment.   This healing, transforming energies to share and be more of service in meaningful ways I could not have awakened otherwise with earthly knowledge. Wisdom of the soul will guide us how to live life, solve challenges of this worldly existence in all aspects.

Today these teachings not only continue to transform Bill and my life but impacts how we interact with this world. I am honored to share them with those whom I serve so they too can experience the joy of truths revealing within.

The teachings of the Course are indeed universal and deeply profound. It is a unique, self-study spiritual cosmic thought system that teaches the way to Love and Inner Peace is through Forgiveness. I invite you to join both Bill and I in our Online Live Conference as we facilitate a Self study group of A Course in Miracles. And I do emphasize SELF STUDY as this is the approach we are not the teachers, we cannot ourselves teach what we do not as yet embolden and transcend, therefore we are blessed with the Christed consciousness of One who is the teacher of light and we the students surrendering to be guided how to awaken along our path!



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