…By soul wisdom I mean the development of a capacity for self-knowledge in conjunction with an objective sense of the inner qualities of the outer world. The capacity for this conjunction leads to a new image of consciousness ...Robert Sardello

  The first Step:

 Provides an awareness of your Soul's codes, your Life purpose and the energy patterns that impact your self development. Resourcing Your Akashic Records (otherwise known as your Book of Lives, or your files), as they energetically contain every thought, word or action you have ever experienced, past, present, all of which influence what you choose to create in your future.  This knowledge brings greater awareness of where you are not, where you need to be and empowers you to identify lessons that are opportunities for you to heal and liberate so as to create a more intimate relationship with your Creator Source and your Higher Mind your true Spirit Nature. Working with this powerful alliance during the reading/consultation, you become more conscious and open to receive the insight as your Inner Guide and Teacher energetically empowers your experience shifting your perception into a greater place of clarity. This healing supports you in taking further action towards your own personal imbalance and provides the ability within you to heal present life circumstances that are unsatisfactory, creating a better quality of life, as you attain long sort after goals your Spirit’s high purpose to accomplish.

As Jody surrenders to the Oneness of our Spirit Mind, knowing that she is but the instrument in service to our Holy Presence, our Divine Intelligence which is Source, she works with you in retrieving and resourcing data through your Inner Teacher, your Spirit Guidance.  She also uses her clairvoyance skills and a variety of tools to access your Akashic Records as well as forecasting to move forward setting up effective strategies.
The Sacred Tarot is a healing and instructional way, utilizing its healing energetic symbols with interpretations and translation through allegory.
  • Acrophonology is a methodology used to access and understand how your soul's true code resonates in your name's vibration frequency and their influences in your life.  It is a sacred healing art and science formulated from the teachings of ancient Spiritual Mystics and Elders. It also reveals the dynamic Spirit potential of your energetics, your life skills, talents and assets that can be tapped into and expressed through your mind and perceptions in your personal identity or character, these insights can help you in resolving and releasing past thought patterns and experiences (of the ego mind) programmed in your perception of self. This insightful healing approach reveals and supports a shift in awareness to utilize more fully true talents and skills that are your real strengths available within you.
  • The Shamanic Wheel of Life is another divination tool Jody uses, passed on through Oral Traditions of the Indigenous Elders,Healers and Teachers of the Star Nations.  Not only is it transformative in it's deeply Spirit minded transmissions, it addresses your illumination, mental, emotional and physical aspects, energizes and brings greater awareness to the themes and influences in support of enhancing healing within, living in the moment and creating how to prepare oneself for better results during incoming cycles of the days, weeks and months ahead.
  • The Spiritual Intuitive Reading Consultation, is the First step in the program which brings the retrieval of pertinent knowledge to your awareness and is the stepping stone you build on as your inner Guidance lights your path going deeper in the next four steps. The benefits are numerous, the energies and insights experienced in each step are specifically choreographed to generate in you a seismic shift of immense proportion as you partake of the growth and healing in myriads of ways.


….The gap is your connection to the field of pure potentiality. It is that state of pure awareness, that silent space between thoughts, that inner stillness that connects you to true power. And when you squeeze the gap, you squeeze your connection to the field of pure potentiality and infinite creativity...Deepak Chopra

Step 2. 

  • PART ONE - Working with your SPIRIT MIND, your Inner Guide/Teacher you become the OBSERVER, the WITNESS as you participate in the INTAKE, your SELF INVENTORY, your AUTOBIOGRAPHY and LIFE REVIEW, (Your STORY)
Step 3.
  • PART TWO - Working with your SPIRIT MIND , your INNER GUIDE/TEACHER using your innate powers and faculties of INTUITION to observe your unconscious, subconscious where we warehouse stored memories and patterns of the past through the process of HYPNOSIS, a method used to transport us to that SILENCE and STILLNESS WITHIN BEYOND LIMITED THOUGHTS, it is our through our DIVINE SOURCE and consciousness which we experience the expression of our true healing abilities to release old outdated limitations and trauma.

The second and third Step: 

In the program is conducted in two parts. The first part requires an Intake, self inventory, and then the second part, which is a process involving Hypnosis incorporating other components as you are being guided by your Spirit Mind to experience the healing presence within.

These sessions help you to awaken from what appears to be a comatose state in our minds, the false fear based programs of fear and lack denial of truth of you are, with the help of journeying back to references of either past or present life or both, depending on where you most need to heal, you retrieve, resource and release through forgiveness, negating influences and suppressed data, in order to empower your living in the NOW of PRESENT LIFE conditions & circumstances.

It is a process that opens you up to a part of your mind that we refer to as your AKASHIC records, your "book of lives" or otherwise known as your FILES, these records represent your fear based projections of your mind as it portrays our soul's evolvement throughout its many lives. By accessing these records you can have intimate knowledge of what you have been holding on to in your mind that you project has been done to you or you have done to others and through your surrender to be guided by your Spirit Mind or enlightened consciousness, you are able to heal and shift your perspective to function in the true energy of your Being.
Be clear that Past/Present life regression addresses the part of our egoic thought process that are our FEARS,  False Evidence Appearing Real projections of our unfinished dramas and old wounds of the past and present life conditions.  When engaging and implementing our Spirit Minded function this process then releases blocked energy and self imposed entrapment. Through forgiveness, it brings us to healing the illusion of separation, denial of love, the absence of truth, that cause life threatening illness', disruptive patterns of fear, lack, survival, anxiety, anger, low self esteem/confidence, fear of failure, of success, emotional insecurities in self and with others in dysfunctional relationships. More importantly this experience can successfully support our awakening to live the creation of who we truly are, of Creator SOURCE, sacred Beings of Light. So as to cease repeating patterns that are fear based and of falsehood exiting and re-entering the karmic wheel of incarnation. We function more readily the experience in our Spirit Mind of the freedom to co-create the true vision of evolving, as we act in the knowledge of our ONENESS till we are motivated in our recognition that we no longer need to dream and partake of further illusions and fabrication.
This process in step 2 and 3, are one of the most dynamic self healing process one can choose to have, as those who intimately go through this healing find themselves in a state of remembrance and awakening returning to that Still Place within us which is Source.   In that true state of Being we shift our perceptions and co-create becoming even more mentally and emotionally aware, allowing greater self expression to take action.  This type of  positive empowerment effectively changes a person for life.
It is the person doing for themselves what no one can do on their behalf. Partake of heightened collaboration with Creator Source, the unseen parts of one's divine nature surrendering to greater intimacy and actualizing who we really are.


…..People need to climb the mountain not simply because it is there but because the soulful divinity needs to be mated with the Spirit……Tenlin Gratso (14th century Dali Lama of Tibet)

The fourth Step:

Reiki is a Japanese term which means Universal Life Force Energy. It is a Spiritual tool used to resource healing energies that is alive and is ONE with all of creation.
Reiki is a form of hands on and energy healing which at the deepest spiritual levels manifests energetically to benefit our Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical well being. It is the fourth step in the Developmental Program. Jody lovingly acts as a conduit for facilitating this healing Reiki energy and uses aromatherapy in the session to energize and activate healing at it's most influential best according to your needs.
Reiki's universal life force energy is divinely transmitted through the facilitator to you, (it is not necessary to physically touch the body). As the recipient of the healing, you experience the Reiki energy as it moves through you to address where there is an imbalance, and heals on the cellular, molecular, subatomic and atomic levels of your body. Reiki energy flows to where it is needed most and is also empowered by your choosing in your mind to be healed.
Reiki is an expression of vibrational energetic healing that addresses our egoic minded nature, and our electromagnetic field. Healing cannot be physical alone and must include the sacred energies of love and light. It is a SPIRITUAL ENERGY OF DIVINE INTELLIGENCE, A SACRED PRESENCE WITHIN US for our very own healing empowerment SHARED with us from The Source. We who choose to claim it, also share it through our willingness to be conduits, vessels for the healing and well being of ourselves and others. There are no religions or doctrines that guide Reiki. It is unconditional love and light an extension of our Creation Source. It's function is not limited by artificial intelligences, man made laws, negative programming, and falsehoods.
Reiki activates the healing center within, it attunes you to access your divine Source, to your Higher Mind and Consciousness/Self and opens you up to partake of the illuminating and beautiful realms of Spirit, be it your  Creator Source, Spirit Guides, Master teachers, Angels and Loved ones which have crossed over to spirit.  Enjoying this experience in this metaphysical way energy is transmitted and received can better acquaint you being open to choose as you yourself become aware that you are a conduit facilitating healing vibrations in your self and sharing it with others you are in contact with in your everyday life. Often during the session a major shift occurs to allow you greater trust to be with this energy whenever you need it.
Benefits of Reiki as a Spiritual healing tool can heal: Mental: negative self-destructive egoic thought patterns; Emotional: negative feelings, depression. Physical: the body and manifested illness and pain.  Reiki enriches your capacity to connect to your Divine Source, to love yourself and others. Stress reduction, regeneration of energy, works well with all healing modalities. Reiki works on Cause rather than the effect of disease. Creates inner harmony and awareness. Promotes the awakening of who we are, loving gentle Spiritual power filled beings of light.


...There will come a time when images have all gone by, and you will see you know not what you are.  It is to this unsealed and open mind that truth returns, unhindered and unbound.  Where concepts of the Self have been laid by is truth revealed exactly as it is...A course in miracles

 The fifth Step:

Jody, has been a conscious Channel, since 1984, when a life transforming interaction with a Divine universal and loving Source of Intelligence unfolded which was named Capt.E.Silver.  From that momentous occasion transmissions of healing energies and deeply profound insights have been communicated to both Jody and her twin sister Joni. To this day on going access to the spirit realms continue to educate and reveal more than ever the true reality that we are not separate just because we are in physical form, nor must we deny our divine right to make contact with the invisible states of our Spirit nature to which we are all ONE.   These teachings have shaped and illuminated their lives and over the years since then loved ones in Spirit have been in contact.  Many others who they share this sacred Presence have also been on the receiving end of these insightful communications, uplifting healing energies, messages of support and wisdom from the Capt. has been shared.

In this fifth step, and the final one in your developmental program journey into your true reality of who you are, a Spirit Being.  Interact with the invisible energies as you engage and communicate within to your Divine Intelligences,Spirit guides, Master teachers, Angels and loved ones for deeper insights as you receive their loving messages that bring healing.
  • Channeling is a method of communication and transmission by Universal and Spiritual Divine Intelligences of Light and Love.  With our invitation and acceptance we receive Heightened awareness and deep feelings of well being as knowledge and healing energies are shared. One who is able to allow the  Spirit Mind to flow with inspirational thoughts and messages regarding the cosmology, as well practical lifestyle demands as they are communicated from other realms and Messengers.
  • Channeling is another source in which to obtain clarity, direction and different levels of personal power, healing and personal growth. It brings a more dynamic awareness of your multi and inter dimensional Self, when you begin to work in a more personal way with your Master Teachers, Spirit guides, Angels, Devas, Fairies, Nature Spirits, other Divine Intelligences. Contact can also be made with your loved ones and others who have crossed over to the Spirit realms. An insightful opportunity for you to experience your divine potential.
  • The benefits of channeling offers you a clearer vision of your purpose and opens up deeper levels of trust in you, so you can work better with the spiritual and universal state of mindfulness awaken to who we are and what this earth is for. Channeling releases fear of the unknown and creates new ways and tools to function as a Spirit Being and address and release the attachments of a physical nature, you learn how to govern yourself better in the world, as you experience relationships, taking care of your needs even receive information on finance, and business more importantly gifting you with insights supporting your fulfillment of your divine potential.
  • Channeling can help you realize new ways to educate, view and speak about life, problem solve and create healing. Enormous spiritual and personal growth unfolds after contact with your Guides. You are lifted up in an ever-expanding awakening of your divine creation-right, beyond physical and into nonphysical realms of who you truly are. ONE in our interconnectedness with all of God/Goddess's creation.
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